Experienced Programme/PMO Manager

“A pragmatist at heart, balancing the need for controls/documentation with the need to be flexible in order to deliver ….. (has) demonstrated his ability to navigate through complex situations.” - Global COO

“Exhibits a very sharp appreciation for the realities of “getting things done” in complex corporate environments with a range of stakeholders and often competing goals and motivations” – Senior Account Manager with partner firm.

“Instrumental in providing weight, knowledge, gravitas and drive” - Head of Change

With 30 years experience managing and leading change within financial services organisations, I bring extensive knowledge of programme and project management and a pragmatic approach to delivery.

Along with an understanding and respect for structured change methodologies, I ensure that the tools I bring are pragmatic and appropriate for the maturity, needs and capability of any organisation I work in.

First and foremost, I ensure that any project I am involved with is set up for success by leading high performing teams, providing honest reporting and effective solutions while keeping a keen focus on the desired outcomes.