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MiFID II Regulatory Texts
MiFID is constructed from a number of official texts, some finalised and published, others still to be published. It also references around 50 other existing texts. Navigating this quantity of paper or stored texts is awkward and inefficient so instead we built this site which we hope will help many over the coming months.
This site is built from the official texts found on the EC site. Every care has been taken to ensure that in reformatting and preparing for use in this site no material content was lost.
The structure of the site also gives a better contextual framework for understanding the construction and intent of the regulation than reading page after page of printed text.
As other related texts are finalised and published they will be added. We have considered adding draft texts, but it takes considerable effort to add and cross reference a text of any size and complexity, so instead we will only include final papers.
That is unless anyone else wants to help with the management of content on this site.
We may also try and connect the relevant recitals with particular sections or articles.
We do not undertake that there are no errors or omissions and users do so at their own risk and should refer to the original texts for any definitive interpretation. If you do spot an errors or omissions please advise
If you do find it helpful please:
a) let us know
b) let other people who may be interested know.
1. Anyone looking to analyse the delta(change) between MiFID I and MIFID II could do worse than look at Annex IV of the new directive where there is a table mapping old articles to new!
2. Newcomers may find it useful to click on the "table of contents" at top right and view the list of all pages on the sight. This can be an easier navigation until your are more familiar with the texts and where to find the materials you want.