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1. How to use this site
First things first -
  • On the left hand side is the main navigation panel.
  • By clicking on the icons you will either open more options or you will find a piece of regulatory text.
  • Once in the text you may see highlighted text (coloured and underlined) - clicking this will take you to another relevant piece of text or a link. To return from this link use the usual "back" button on your browser.
  • Alternatively you will see "previous" and "next" options towards the top right. These will simply page you backwards and forwards through the texts.
  • Lastly at the top right there is a table of contents link that will display a complete overview of the site. You can view this and click any element to go right there.
  • If you get lost click "home" on top left and start again.
I know this is not the slickest interface but it is generated by Mindjet's Mindmanager and allows me to worry about the content.
I expect I will add more content and possibly more functionality too in future.